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Attend Otolaryngology Coding Conferences

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Otolaryngology coding convention

If you are stumped at the same time as coding a tympanoplasty with mastoidectomy, you are not by myself as with the list of comparable-looking codes, everyone should get grew to become around. The vital element is memorizing which codes represent a wall up and wall down technique, and figuring out an ossicular chain reconstruction (OCR).

1. Canal wall up with OCR preserves canal, gets rid of Ossicles

The trademark of a canal wall up mastoidectomy is maintaining intact the bony posterior external auditory canal. The CPT codes for a wall up approach with OCR are: 69636, 69637, 69642, 69644.

2. Canal wall up no OCR continues canal and Ossicles

If the health care provider maintains the outside auditory canal but does not mention the incus you're looking at a wall up method with out OCR, the codes for which are: 69635, 69641, and 69643.

3. Canal Wall Down manner radical Mastoidectomy

The phrases 'radial' or 'entire' tell you the general practitioner used a canal wall down method for the mastoidectomy.

For more Otolaryngology coding updates, sign on for Otolaryngology coding meetings. One such convention is taking place later this year at Orlando, FL a good way to without a doubt prove beneficial for all otolaryngology coders. When you sign up for one, you'll get expert answers to all your otolaryngology coding and repayment challenges below one roof.

Even in case you locate it tough to wait one, you can train your team from the comforts of your property with the help of audio CDs and MP3s. So get the blessings of an otolaryngology coding conference and spot the large distinction in your exercise's sales.


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