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Energy Therapies: Magnetic Ear Studs for Acupressure

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Today, I am once more sporting the magnetic studs I even have, which might be designed to position quite firm pressure on very unique regions of the outer ear by means of having quite a strong magnetic area and being quite tiny for precise placement. I recall receiving my first lot. I were given them out in their wrapping while still inside the submit workplace and affixed  to my ears. They are very small and the magnetic force and pressure they exert seems to maintain properly however may be very diffused.

As a preferred rule while managing the strength-systems of the frame, it takes time for strength to begin to re-arrange itself, then the man or woman will feel a few sensation. With some varieties of strength remedy I feel a tingling at this degree, with those studs I experience a form of warmness. Each individual individual will interpret the go with the flow or exchange of strength of their own manner: a few people might describe warmth, others pressure, others a flashing feeling, others a fab breeze, and I even have one consumer who swears that when she has any kind of energy-work completed she reports it as being like sped-up movie of clouds moving thru the pores and skin! When the work has been carried out, whatever sensation the character feels will come to an give up. With the studs that doesn't mean they need putting off - from then on they're nonetheless small, subtle, colorful pieces of jewellery with pleasant Swarovski crystals which are cheerfully colored and seize the mild.

I am a splendid believer of acupuncture - when I turned into younger and wished a few help on physical problems I sought the help of a Sri-Lankan-skilled Australian acupuncturist in addition to a chiropractor who incorporated factors of power-paintings or religious recuperation into his practice, and I turned into very satisfied with the changes that I turned into capable of manifest in myself with their assist. But even though acupuncture needles are a ways finer than injection-needles and harm a lot much less, and are in truth so quality that they often slide in between nerve-endings depending on wherein they may be used, a whole lot of human beings are nonetheless very scared of them.

Even if you are just worrying, it is probably now not an amazing idea to go into an electricity-remedy state of affairs while you're feeling any anxiety - you will now not be able to attain the full blessings. This is in which those studs come into their own. They aren't invasive, they do no longer puncture the skin.

Sure, they can not be inserted into very among the factors that an acupuncturist might pick to apply: again at that point, I used to have needles inserted just beneath my 1/3 eye, at the tiny hole at both aspect of the nose, and at unique components of my wrists and elbows as the constantly-used points, and a spread of others every so often depending on the acupuncturist's medical judgement.

Have you ever scratched one part of your body and felt a slight echo of the feeling some other place? There are power-connections all around the body, in which physical nerve-pathways do no longer meet. The pathways between them, in which your bio-energy flows - or gets blocked - which a few human beings name nadis, travel throughout your frame. And all of the nadis in the body bypass through a number of places: the soles of the toes (making feasible foot reflexology), the fingers (making possible hand reflexology), the striations inside the irises of the eyes (making probably iridology) and the outer ear, making viable the increasingly popular exercise of having the ears pierced in unique locations for food addictions or nicotine addictions.

But alternatively, humans won't want to have everlasting piercings in strange elements of the ears, or even the pain related to trying to sleep on a freshly-pierced ear if they sleep on their facets. What to do? This is where these magnetic studs are available in. Tiny, colorful Swarovski crystals seize the attention and brighten the temper of you and those around you as they mirror their colorings into your charisma, with out being huge bling that might not be appropriate while you are round a few people or in a few conditions (as an instance, a process interview). They are small enough to be acceptable nearly anywhere, and small enough to position pressure on very specific parts of the ear's outer structure.

I in reality propose buying a honestly good e book on ear reflexology, one based totally on the Chinese system, or down load one of the better ear maps available on the net. As you could see from the link, there are a large variety of active factors on the ear. Now, there are  methods you may use the records on an ear map. You can go symptomatically, determine what you want to treat with the acupressure studs, then choose the factors for that reason.

That's best, but there are two problems. Firstly, all and sundry's ear is a very unique shape and it takes a notable deal of professional knowledge and enjoy to become aware of the factors correctly. And secondly, Choosing something which you assume is a weak point to deal with is satisfactory, but what if your signs are overlaying some thing else, or you have another health issue that for the moment is lots greater vital to treat speedy? How are you going to address the ones  problems?

This is why I do not suggest human beings pick out their acupressure factors in the ear symptomatically, by using analyzing off an ear map then seeking to discover that factor or those points of their own ears. What I do endorse is the second method: treating the acupressure/acupuncture points that maximum want treating at the time. Ear maps are still valuable, but more in retrospect. Having identified the factors you have to treat inside the manner I'm approximately to explain, you could then move returned to the ear map and training session what styles of underlying problems or regions of the body wished treating maximum, uncovering an entire new layer of self-know-how for you.

So how do you do it? In the front of a reflect, using the hand at the equal side of the frame, take a part of the outer ear between index finger and thumb, and squeeze firmly, noticing the sensation. Then circulate your hand only a fraction, and repeat. Do this carefully, until you have got squeezed each part of the visible shape of your ear. Obviously you may ought to take away any jewelry first!

You will word as you try this, that most probably one,  or maybe more locations will be much extra touchy than the relaxation of the ear while you operate the equal quantity of stress. Choose the only or two maximum sensitive out of all of them, and relocate them through using the equal approach. Now you need to determine how many factors to deal with. If you have got just one pair of studs you'll best be able to treat  factors: it's miles your choice whether or not you operate them each on one ear, then in a few hours circulate them over to the alternative ear, or whether you use them one on each ear. I like to have a few pairs inside the house - I put on pierced earrings  holes in every of my lobes and like not to take away them, however I find I regularly want to deal with acupressure factors high up within the ear or now and again inside the inner folds of the outer ear, and I can wear something from zero to 3 pairs of the magnetic studs at a time similarly to my normal day by day jewellery.

Once you have got determined how many factors you are going to deal with, re-check the points you have got diagnosed and squeeze firmly once more, identifying the one or ones that give you the most powerful reaction. I personally locate it useful to try this in front of a mirror, and immediately mark the exact spot with an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil. Then inside the hand on the opposite side of the body, hold the jewelled stud that you want to be seen to across the world that mark, jewel away from skin. With the hand at the identical side of the body, keep the backing-magnet at the back of the ear, bring it near, and launch it earlier than it touches the skin. If you've got located the stud efficaciously, it will lock it into region. If the marking you have made at the ear remains visible, select the backing magnet off even as preserving the stud, reposition it, and do it again.

That's the first ear achieved. You may additionally want to suit up studs on the second one ear exactly, so that they may be symmetrical. That's excellent for appearances, however it is able to now not be the best alternative for fitness-related or emotion-related motives. What if the studs are treating an power-trouble that happens in - say - one hip or one kidney, and now not inside the other side? It might be a waste. So go through the entire system once more: squeeze all the distinctive elements of your 2d ear firmly, become aware of the most sensitive factors, mark them, and location the stud or studs precisely over the maximum touchy points. Often you'll find that they in shape or nearly fit the positioning on the alternative ear. But regularly, too, you will require special placements on the one of a kind ears.

If you are interested by treating - say - simplest your kidney-points in case your physician is treating a kidney problem, or most effective factors linked with melancholy, then that is nice, and the studs will bring you a real benefit with regular use. But take it from me, you may get a better effect usual, to your fitness and your happiness tiers, in case you treat the factors that need it maximum on a given day that day, and be constant in that exercise. As your frame begins to experience better and as your thoughts starts to loosen up, you'll find that quite a few problems, bodily and mental, will provide you with some distance much less trouble than they'd previously.

However, and this is essential! Never discontinue using any prescribed medicinal drugs without your physician's information! Energy-treatment options are not any alternative for life-saving drug treatments, and special styles of remedy paintings better together with each other, not as an alternative of each different.

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