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Current Trends in Middle Ear Surgery - Ossiculoplasty and Stapedioplasty With Titanium Prostheses

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There are 31.70 million (fifty two.Eighty four%) men and women out of 60 million deaf humans of India suffering due to numerous types of middle ear diseases like as:

- Otosclerosis

It is described as odd bone growth inside the ear, in the end resulting in hearing loss. It can be an inherited sickness, ensuing in odd hardening of bone inside the center ear and sometimes inner ear. There is 10.19 million (32.14%) out of 31.70 million laid low with otosclerosis diseases in India.

- Cholesteatoma

Cholesteatoma is a sickness of the ear in which a skin cyst grows into the center ear and mastoid. There is 6.42 million (20.24%) out of 31.70 million stricken by cholesteatoma sicknesses in India.

- Chronic Otitis Media

Otitis media way irritation of the middle ear. The irritation occurs as a result of a middle ear contamination. It can occur in one or both ears. Otitis media is the maximum common analysis recorded for kids who go to physicians for infection. There is 12.45 million (39.30%) out of 31.70 million laid low with continual otitis media illnesses in India.

Rest of two.64 million (eight.32%) out of 31.70 million laid low with various other sorts of center ear sicknesses in India.


Surgical Treatment

For a few years surgical treatment became instituted in center ear sicknesses frequently to repair sound conduction, to manipulate infection and to prevent severe headaches. Changes in surgical strategies now have made it feasible to reconstruct the diseased listening to mechanism in maximum cases. Various tissue grafts may be used to replace or restore the eardrum. A diseased ear bone can be changed with the aid of center ear prosthesis. Middle ear diseases may be dealt with the use of various types of surgical treatment/methods like as Ossiculoplasty, Stapedioplasty, and Myringoplasty.

The purpose of surgical remedy is better listening to, maximum usually for conversational speech. Ossiculoplasty/Stapedioplasty surgical operation is being executed to enhance or to preserve the conductive part of listening to loss. The aim of ossiculoplasty/stapedioplasty surgical operation is to reconstruct the malfunctioning ossicular chain (chain of 3 bones i.E. Malleus, Incus & Stapes) in the middle ear cavity. Myringoplasty surgical procedure is finished to ventilate the center ear, to prevent fluid from constructing up and to save you infections within the middle ear cavity. All the above mentioned surgical tactics take approximately an hour's time and in maximum cases patients are discharged after 24-36 hours.

During the 1960's within the earliest level of the improvement of surgical remedies, tries have been made to use biological materials together with cartilage or the remnants of the ossicular chain to create ossicular replacements. Such substances were termed automobile-graft and homo-grafts substances on the grounds that they have been received from the person and donor respectively receiving the treatment.

Work in growing superior implant materials became continued till the 1970's, whilst bioactive materials were developed. Their call comes from their chemical shape, which promotes chemical adhesion among the tissue and the implant, efficiently getting rid of the want for Auto- and Homo- Grafts.

From 1970 to up until now, various styles of fabric were using for ossicular chain reconstruction like as Gold, Stainless Steel, Platinum, Hydroxyapatite, Teflon, Polyethylene, Glass Ionomer Cement, and Titanium.

But these days the new fashion begins to perform surgical treatment of Ossiculoplasty, Stapedioplasty, and Myringoplasty with Titanium based Middle ear implants. Titanium implants are appreciably utilized in cardiovascular, spinal surgery, orthopedic and dental surgical treatment as well as in reconstructive and plastic surgical operation.


The selection of titanium for implantation is determined via a mixture of most favorable traits together with immunity to corrosion, high bio-compatibility, electricity, low modulus and density and the excessive potential for becoming a member of with bone and other tissue - Osteointegration. Animal experiments in western nations have revealed that the Titanium may be implanted for an in depth duration of time. Histopathological examinations have failed to show any cell modifications adjacent to titanium implants.

And also careful examinations of tissues adjoining to titanium have found out neither massive cells nor macrophages, nor any other signs and symptoms of irritation. Due to those reasons, Titanium is rapidly becoming the "metallic of preference" for many scientific applications as properly for Ossiculoplasty, Stapedioplasty, and Myringoplasty surgical procedures. Also Patients with Titanium medical implants may go through for MRI-investigations without any big unfavorable effects. Titanium fulfills all desires for perfect sound conduction from outer ear to inner ear and additionally accomplishes all necessities for myringoplasty surgical operation, is become extra beneficial fabric as ear surgical remedies.


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