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Witchcraft Occultism of Female Sexuality: The Female As Sexual Control Puppet Master

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"All wickedness is but little in comparison to the wickedness of a woman. What is a girl however a foe to friendship, an inescapable punishment, a important evil, a herbal temptation, a appropriate calamity, home chance, delectable detriment, evil nature in honest hues, devices of Satan, carnal through nature, structurally defective to the roots within the original introduction..." Malleus Maleficarum (The Hammer of Witches) A.D.1485/86.

The careers of male celebrities in wellknown (serial alimony payers) point to the fact of the extent to which the high repute male is greater often the victim of sexual manipulation via girls than he cares to admit; for women play the sport of sexual control with a deceptive passivity which preserves intact the male's phantasm of power and manipulate. And even prostitutes will usually refrain from without delay soliciting their subsequent victim; as an alternative, the "hooker" will commonly display her fatware conspicuously and wait patiently for the male to fall into her "entice." Men, therefore, like drug addicts, assume they're in control, however girls who play the sport of sexual manipulate at the best level of commitment, for high stakes recognize higher. (An unusually sexually attractive African woman as soon as admitted to my listening to that she had a paranormal element she rubs into her genitals such that any guy who "pokes" it in will become her slave until she's had sufficient of him).

If women within the twenty-first century could admit to sinister machinations in their heterosexual relationships, then the extent of magical crafts guile and wiles of the physically prone prehistoric woman in her survival war against male brute pressure isn't always hard to imagine

Given that the woman observed in the intense susceptibility of the male to sexual stimulus manage, a "robust weapon" to the end of her survival, it should be anticipated that the elaboration of a lifestyle of magical-ritual artwork to the stop of sexual stimulus manage of the male could effortlessly have emerge as an obsessive preoccupation of girls in the prehistoric homestead, in the lengthy absences of the searching male.

The occurrence of sexual symbolic motifs inside the magical-ritual and mystical cults of early ancient cultures points to the prominent involvement of magical sexual manage, and the exploitation of intercourse as bargaining chip, within the strength rivalry of the domicile culture of the girls and of the hunting-predatory culture of the adult males.

The superior adaptability of the domicile culture could be proven inside the capacity of women to grasp the possibility of the unconventional biological phenomenon of the juvenilized male drop-out (the vatic-shamanic personality) from the searching lifestyle of the men to their benefit in re-structuring the stability of strength among the sexes thru the institution of the Mother Goddess Fertility Cult which changed into the "Catholic Church" of human prehistory.

Thus, historians universally renowned the special prominence and high social repute of girls in early Neolithic cultures.


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